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Before we jump into pricing I would like to share with you my process for creating your fun and creative ideas.

I pride myself in providing the most accurate and detailed cakes I can. Therefore any given cake requires at least an hour or two of just research of the subject I am creating. Then comes the detailed sketch of the cake. I don't like to give you a vague description of your cake, I want a well thought out detailed sketch. You are making an investment in me, so I invest my time for you in order to create something that will satisfy your wants. These sketches will have the serving sizes and prices included for you.

Once you decide on the design, I then begin baking and creating your cake. This process has taken anywhere from a half an hour to 36 hours. Yes. you read that right. 36 hours! This time variation is why prices will vary depending on the level of detail that goes into a cake. 

The next step is my favorite. When you finally get to see the cake! 

People always ask me how I can watch someone cut into all the work I just did. The answer is simple. The pure joy I see on peoples faces make all the hard work worth it. Because that is what the cake is really for. To bring a little joy and often times happy tears.

The more character you give me to pour into the cake the better!

So what are you waiting for? 

Lets get to creating your cake!

These are base prices to give you an idea of what it will start out at.

Sculpted cakes

Start at $4.00 per slice and go up depending on details.


$20.00 per dozen.

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