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About Me




Hey there! My name is Kasha and I am the owner and creator at Kasha's Cakes.

I did not attend any culinary schools, however I did receive my degree in graphic design from the University of Nebraska Omaha. I utilize that degree in all the cakes and creations that I make. My degree required sculpture classes, art history, color theory and all sorts of art classes that have equipped me with the skills to turn cake into art!

People ask me all the time how I can make cake do all the things I do. My answer is this. When you learn to sculpt, paint, or draw you have to learn how to manipulate the medium you are working in. This is no different. I'm creating art, and cake just happens to be my medium.

I grew up watching my mom make buttercream cakes, and she had me baking in my easy bake oven right along side her. I guess you could say that is what sparked my interest in cake decorating. Plus the buttercream was incredibly enticing. That same delicious buttercream is the same recipe I use in all of my orders today! Unlike many traditional buttercream recipes it is incredibly smooth, light, and airy.

I am currently a home baker with the dreams of opening up a bakery in the future. My kitchen may be small, but the ideas and designs that come out of it certainly are not! I thrive on your creative and fun cake ideas to continually push the boundaries of cake art. The more crazy and daring the better!

Thanks for taking some time to get to know me! I hope to meet you in the future!

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